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WordPress and plugins

Marc Simmons

Last Update 2 years ago

At the time your new website goes live WordPress and any plugins will we up to date, over time updates will become available. You can backup your site and carry out these updates yourself or for just £9.99 per month you can sign up to WebCare.

WebCare is a monthly subscription service designed to look after any website built by us. The service includes:

  1. Monthly Site Backup - (entire site and contents)
  2. Remote Plugin Updates as required
  3. Remote WP Installation Updates as required
  4. Remote Theme Updates as required
  5. Remote Translations Updates as required
  6. Remote Malware & Security Scanning
  7. 24 Hour Uptime Monitoring
  8. Covers ALL of your websites built by us

...all for just £9.99+VAT per month (minimum 12 month contract)

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